Development of market shares of the three market leaders in Austrian furniture retail

* 15 years ago, the Kika/Leiner Group and the Lutz Group were still roughly on a par. At that time, IKEA was far behind in number 3.

* Since then, the Kika/Leier Group has continuously lost market share and is currently only number 3 in the market.

* The Lutz Group has benefited most from the loss of market share – no wonder, since the target groups are similar and the locations are also often in close proximity.

* IKEA also benefited and continuously gained market share – and is currently number 2 on the Austrian market.

* The changes in market share can also (but not only) be explained by the development of sales space: While the Lutz Group has increased its sales area by 16% in the last 15 years, the Kika/Leiner Group has reduced it by 18%.

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