RegioData Research GmbH Vienna is founded:

With small-scale purchasing power data for all CEE/SEE countries in particular, RegioData is thus already considered a pioneer in this field.


The path rises steeply uphill.

RegioData quickly establishes itself as a specialist for micro-level economic data for the whole of Europe. Product emphases are regional purchasing power indicators and solutions for professional geomarketing.


Cooperation with GfK

RegioData enters into a cooperation agreement for the distribution of the "RegioGraph" GIS software with GfK Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung in Nuremberg, and thus lays an important foundation for the company.


Purchasing Power Indicators for Western Europe

For the first time, RegioData also offers purchasing power indicators for Western Europe, making it the first and only company to have comparable data for all European countries.


RegioData expands its location, data and study portfolio

RegioData expands its location, data and study portfolio for trade, gastronomy and real estate and thus manages Europe's largest regional business database in this field.


Heading to Germany.

RegioData establishes a branch office to meet increased inquiries from German customers: RegioData Research Munich.


1st geomarketing congress in the German-speaking region

RegioData organizes, in addition to a series of seminars and workshops, the first major one-day event with 300 participants: the 1st Geomarketing Congress in the German-speaking region.


Proficient database

RegioData now has a qualified database of 15,000 registered shopping centers in Europe and data on more than 100,000 retail locations.


The RegioData data portfolio is supplemented

The RegioData data portfolio is supplemented and enriched with international real estate market data and frequency analyses.


Consumer typology for geomarketing applications

RegioData is developing a Europe-wide consumer typology for geomarketing applications for the first time.


Data and analyses concerning Russia and Belarus

RegioData completely and permanently removes all data and analyses concerning Russia and Belarus from the program.


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