Development of sales areas in shoe retailing

* The market volume in the retail shoe industry is approximately 1.2 billion euros per year.

* The sales have been stagnant in Austria for about 10 years, meaning that the total revenue is as high as it was in 2012.

* The absolute market leader with nearly 33% market share is the Deichmann Group.

* Salamander/Delka currently holds a market share of approximately 3.3%. It was 6.4% ten years ago.

* As of the end of 2022, Salamander/Delka had 38 locations. It had 66 locations ten years ago.

* The retail space in the shoe industry has been steadily decreasing for the past 15 years. The withdrawal of Salamander/Delka will free up approximately 10,000 square meters of space.

* If we include online pure players, Zalando would already be the 3rd largest shoe retailer in Austria.

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