Urban gap filler

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The brand-new RegioData study “Urban Gap Filler” is a compilation of possible uses for vacant downtown areas and provides, apart from conventional trade and restaurant uses, a list of 250 ideas and opportunities.

The selection focuses on potentially realistic uses, even in the case of vacant spaces that may not be optimal in terms of location quality, resident potential, and pedestrian frequencies, and therefore are not of interest to the usual businesses.

Criteria for the selection of these possible “urban gap fillers” were particularly the usefulness for the overall inner-city zone, meaning the uses should attract as many people from different target groups to the downtown area as possible.


Data structure:
  • Usage potential
  • Industry classification
  • Space requirement
  • Industry Floor Residents in catchment area
  • Frequency arrangement
  • Required location quality
  • Non-profit/profit
  • Achievable net rent €/m²/month
  • Open space
  • Parking spaces
  • Ceiling height
  • Special equipment
  • Link to examples
  • Note on examples
Delivery format:
  • Excel file by e-mail
Analysis Country Price
Urban gap filler
€ 420,00

*The offer addresses companies. The prices quoted do not include any value added tax that may be applicable.

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