About us

RegioData Research calculates and analyzes regional data on consumer behavior, trade and commercial property across Europe. We use standardized calculation methods and harmonize various definitions in order to provide our clients with consistent cross-country data ready for analysis. Our product portfolio comprises:

Industry data

Geomarketing and software tools for evaluations

Pedestrian and traffic frequencies

Customized market studies

As a leading company on the market, we are proud of the 30-year-long close cooperation with European retail and services companies in matters of store expansion, marketing and control-ling. Our long-term experience allows us to deliver solutions and know-how oriented at specific client needs.

Our account manager will help you with any further questions and requests.


Katja Nikolaeva kleinUeberuns

Ekaterine Nikolaeva, MA
Phone: +43(0)1 585 76 27-50
E-Mail: e.nikolaeva@regiodata.eu

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