Purchasing Power Data - Micro Level (Census Areas) (Italy)

Purchasing Power Data is now available on an even smaller level: census areas. This data enable highly detailed analysis of the regional prosperity level. Purchasing Power refers to the ability of one person or one household to buy goods, services or rights within a given amount of money within a certain period of time. 

Your benefit

Purchasing Power Data can be used to calculate market shares and to compare different catchment areas. Also information on the purchasing power of the population allows to gain valuable information before entering a new market.

Fields of Application

  • Sales: regionalised sales strategies, planning of sales regions and operational areas
  • Expansion: Determination and assessment of ideal locations (trade, services and industry), calculation of regional potential and assessment of market volume
  • Marketing: target-oriented advertising


  • Edition: 2018
  • Date: 2017
  • Delivery form: Excel file via e-mail
  • License for use within a company

Territorial Unit

  • Census Areas: 402,678

File Structure

  • code of territorial unit
  • name of territorial unit
  • inhabitants
  • households
  • Purchasing power index per inhabitant and per household
  • absolute and retail trade related purchasing power per area, per inhabitant and per household

Purchasing Power Data - Micro Level (Census Areas)

€ 9.500,00

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