Demography - Municipality (Germany)

RegioData Demography is intended to give a simple and clear overview of population and household structures. The data allows a local assessment of catchment areas for location and expansion planning as well as for the control of target group specific marketing and sales activities.

Your benefit

  • First assessment of the market
  • spatial target group analysis
  • Cross-national comparison
  • Increase utility through combination with other data (e.g. RegioData Purchasing Power)


  • Edition: 2018
  • Date: 2017
  • Delivery form: Excel file via e-mail
  • License for use within a company

Territorial Unit

  • Municipalities: 11,119
  • Postcode areas: 8,183

File Structure

  • code of territorial unit
  • name of territorial unit
  • inhabitants
  • households
  • average household size
  • area
  • population density
  • inhabitants by sex
  • inhabitants by 6 different age categories

Demography - Municipality

€ 500,00

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