Demography - Opcine (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

RegioData Demography is intended for a simple and clear overview of population and household structures. The data allows the local assessment of catchment areas for location and expansion planning as well as for the control of target group specific marketing and sales activities.

Your benefit

  • First assessment of the market
  • spatial target group analysis
  • Cross-national comparison
  • Increase utility through combination with other data (e.g. RegioData Purchasing Power)


  • Edition: 2016
  • Date: 2015
  • Delivery form: Excel file via e-mail
  • License for use within a company

Territorial Unit

  • Opcine: 142
  • Postcode areas: 538

File Structure

  • code of territorial unit
  • name of territorial unit
  • inhabitants
  • households
  • average household size
  • area
  • population density
  • inhabitants by sex
  • inhabitants by 6 different age categories

Demography - Opcine

€ 500,00

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