Tourism - Municipality (Austria)

The RegioData Tourism Data offer an overview of the supply (Number of accomodation establishments, rooms, bed places) and demand (nights spend, arrivals) of the different accomodation establishments in Austria. The data helps to identify strong and weak tourism regions or analyse the utilization of the current supply. The types of accomodation establishment help to divide the tourist potential into smaller target groups, e.g. to use this information for location and expansion planning as well as for the control of target group specific marketing and sales activities.

*Vienna summarized


  • Edition 2018
  • Date: 2017
  • Delivery form: Excel file via e-mail
  • License for use within a company

Territorial Unit

  • Municipalities: 2.355*

File Structure

  • code of territorial unit
  • name of territorial unit
  • Nights spend (total)
  • Arrivals (total)
  • Nights spend (residents)
  • Arrivals (residents)
  • Nights spend (foreign)
  • Arrivals (foreign)
  • Nights spend (Total) by accomodation establishment
  • Arrivals (Total) by accomodation establishment

Tourism - Municipality

€ 400,00

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