Sinus-Geo-Milieus® - Census Districts (Austria)

Based on the results of 3 decades of sociological research combined with geographical data from microm, Sinus Milieus reveal completely new ways to target and communicate with consumers. Individuals with similar attitudes, lifestyles, and values are grouped together and mapped onto the spatial level. The resulting Sinus-Geo-Milieus® are target groups that actually exist, paving the way for targeted product development, strategy, positioning, communication, media planning, and CRM.

Your Benefit

  • an instrument for strategic marketing
  • for the acquisition of new customers
  • for improving customer loyalty
  • for planning your locations and outlet network
  • for planning your communication
Product by microm

Territorial Unit

  • Census Districts: 8,825

File Structure

  • municipality code
  • name of the territorial unit
  • households: total
  • households: established
  • households: post-materialist
  • households: performer
  • households: digital individualist
  • households: conservative
  • households: traditional
  • households: urban middle-class
  • households: adaptive-pragmatic
  • households: consume-orientated basis
  • households: hedonist

Sinus-Geo-Milieus® - Census Districts

€ 10.000,00

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