Digital Map - Micro Level (Census Districts) (Austria)

Detailed maps at census district level and topographic information for the use with RegioGraph, also available as shape file.

Austria consists of 8,825 census districts. A census district is the smallest statistical unit and is always a branch of a municipality. However not every municipality needs to be divided in census districts. The census district index depends on the number of inhabitants, to ensure comparability of statistical data. A census district should have a benchmark of 1,000 inhabitants. The band width though ranges from 300 to 2,000 inhabitants. The census district index is 8-digit. The key number consists of the 5-digit municipality code and a 3-digit census district code. Thus it’s possible to generate the municipality code, the district code and the state code of a census district code.

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  • Census Districts

Digital Map - Micro Level (Census Districts)

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