The Online-Affinity is a measure of the propensity to use the Internet, respectively the intensity of the use of online services by the population 15 years and older The regional Online-Affinity is represented as an index, an index of 100 is the respective national average.

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The regional / local Online-Affinity calculation model is based on four important factors (of the popula-tion 15 years and older) per spatial unit:

  • Socio-demographic and spatial structure and the consequent consumption or online behaviour
  • Possibility of using online services (e.g. technical equipment, network availability, restrictions on online services)
  • Actual use of online offerings (especially online shopping and social media activity) 
  • regional prosperity level (purchasing power, disposable income, consumption expenditure) On the basis of these factors - individually calibrated for the respective country - deviations from the average usage per spatial unit are calculated and displayed as an index.

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