Sinus-Geo-Milieus® open new avenues for analyzing and communicating with consumers. The psychological target group model allows you to understand how your customers think, what makes an impression on them, where your target group lives, and much more.

Sinus-Geo-Milieus® are based on the concept of Sinus-Milieus®. These are the result of three decades of sociological research. They group individuals according to their subjective attitudes to life and their lifestyles:

  • similar basic orientation, values, and attitudes
  • similar lifestyles, tastes
  • similar shopping behavior

Through the cooperation with microm the Sinus-Milieus® have been extended to include geographic properties, allowing one to calculate for each house in Austria the statistical probability of each Milieu. An index of 100 represents the average share of each Sinus-Geo-Milieu® within Austria. All index values above 100 indicate an above-average proportion of the Milieu, and all index values below 100 correspond to a below-average proportion. Consumers are classified into 10 different Sinus-Milieus®:

  • established
  • post-materialist
  • performer
  • digital individualist
  • conservative
  • traditional
  • urban middle-class
  • adaptive-pragmatic
  • consume-orientated basis
  • hedonist

Profit from new insights into untapped potential!

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