Individual market studies

Besides multi-client studies, RegioData research also offers individual solutions. Backed by our long-term experiences, we will support you with creation of customized decision making basis.

Customer potentials:

Customer potentials

Client: a renowned beverage manufacturer

Key objective:  In order to help our client improve performance and gain new customers, we have created an exclusive contact list with potential companies that offer only products relevant for our client´s business.

Our approach:  Defining desirable criteria of potential new clients e.g.

  • Turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Industry

We identified new companies through acquisition of company data, comparison with the customer base of our client and thorough data checks. In addition, we prepared a graphic visualization of the data in order to give a better overview to our client.

The result: With help of the analysis provided, our client knows its potential new customer base including contact details, and can use the findings for new customer acquisition.

Getting to know customer needs and aspirations

Client: a renowned shopping center operator

Key objective: Our client wanted to learn about typical customer activities in the shopping center and their routine behavior.

Our approach:

To begin with, we have elaborated important focal points:

  • About personal information
  • About shopping center visit motivation
  • About the entire shopping center
  • About social media presence

On the basis of these points, we created questionnaires and defined the minimal size of the survey sample. Subsequently, we conducted surveys in the entire shopping center (without any specific checkpoints) throughout several weeks at different times of the day, in order to portray a heterogeneous visitor group. In conclusion, the survey results were analyzed and the most important findings were visualized graphically.

The result: With help of the findings stemming from the survey focal points, our client can optimize various processes, e.g. its social media presence. The study demonstrated that while the shopping center homepage was known among many customers, the outreach of its Facebook page was quite limited. Furthermore, the survey displayed customer motivations to visit the shopping center. Based on such observations, our client can adjust its marketing strategy to specific needs and wishes of its customers.

Client-specific market potentials

Client: a multinational home furnishings corporation

Key objective: Our client wanted to learn about the comprehensive market potential for its specific product offer, in order to improve performance of its stores. For this purpose, we received 20 product categories, the market potentials of which were to identify.

Our approach: Our client needed data on 20 product categories, including upholstered furniture, lighting, kitchen furniture, home decorations, and garden furniture. After defining the product ranges, we conducted detailed analysis of consumer spending on each of the product categories.

The result: With help of the customized market potentials, the client can offer product ranges in line with the market conditions.

Online affinity – Potential for online trade

Client: global automotive holding

Key objective: Our client wanted to know where more and less online affine people reside, meaning people who are more or less likely to use the internet and engage in online shopping.

Our approach: In order to determine online affinity, we elaborated a calculation model based on four factors characterizing residents of each territorial entity. These include inter alia existing research results, sociodemographic data and data about existing technical infrastructure.

The result: Based on the analysis, the client receives online affinity index on the level of small territorial units.

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