JoinAddress WebClient

JoinAddress WebClient

With the geocoding software from our partner WIGeoGIS, you have the possibility to geocode your addresses worldwide and use them for geomarketing analyses. The geocoder JoinAddress Web enables the highly-precise and cost-effective enrichment of your data with geo-coordinates:

  • No software installation, always available, high performance
  • Manual post-processing to optimize the geocoding results - map-based
  • Data import and export via Excel, export including X/Y coordinates
  • Data security

Your benefit

Use the geocodes to enrich your addresses with further information such as sociodemographic characteristics and purchasing power data in:

Sales, marketing and expansion

  • Your sales situation at a glance: where do you have many and where do you have fewer customers and/or competitors
  • Positioning of target groups and optimization of the offer and local consultation
  • New acquisition opportunities for your sales representatives team with visualized potentials on the map
  • The geocoded internal data and acquired market data flow into each location planning and catchment area analysis
  • In Austria, you will also receive the official addresses from the Austrian Post/Österreichische Post. This keeps your database clean, ensuring that your advertising and letters are delivered correctly.
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