Frequency potentials

Based on the data about people passing by certain locations on foot or in vehicles (quantity, time, aim of the passer-by, age structure, purchasing power, consumer spending), RegioData evaluates specific fre-quency potentials for existing or future store locations. We deliver specific sales potentials for the prod-ucts and services offered at specific stores.

The comparison of the calculated potentials with the actual sales of the store serves as unbiased manage-ment information and a basis for optimization (product range, store appearance, visibility, personnel, store size etc.). Comparisons across several stores cover discrepancies in actual exhaustion of store-specific potentials and allow for targeted measures.

Who and what is behind the frequency potentials?


The system used by Senozon is based on the concept of so called “synthetic population”. In the Senozon model we observe movement of people that correspond to the characteristics of the real population, however, do not represent specific individuals. With help of the model, we learn what streets, transport channels and routes the synthetic persons use throughout the day to arrive to their destinations. RegioDa-ta provides insights beyond the frequency data. The RegioData frequency potentials model in conjunction with the Senozon base data, demonstrates not only the quantity of people passing by a certain location, but also differentiates between their ages, genders and intentions. In addition, the base data is supple-mented with purchasing power and consumer spending data for specific product groups, which allows for rendering “passers-by potential” for a specific store in EUR/day, year or even time of the day.

RegioData frequency potentials represent an innovative tool for evaluation of existing or future store loca-tions, as well as for store and sales management.

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