FashionData Austria

FashionData Austria is the online data portal by RegioData Research providing all relevant statistical information about Austrian apparel trade. The data portal comprises the following components: 

  • Retail: data about fashion retail, market sizes, sales channels, key performance indicators of market players, online shops and store locations.
  • Economy: overview of economic development, demography, tourism, trade, purchasing power and consumer spending.
  • Consumers: data about population structure, distribution of residents and tourists across the country, consumer behavior patterns and regional market potentials.
  • Analyses: estimates and evaluations based on the existing data, trend analysis, international comparisons and management summaries.
  • Search for more? We research, analyze and calculate data according to individual needs of subscribers.

Your benefit

The data portal contains all relevant information about fashion retail in Austria at a glance and serves as an excellent tool for general management, marketing, controlling and store management profession-als. The data is updated regularly, but in case you lack any relevant information, we create customized studies free of charge for our subscribers.

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