Furniture in Germany

Published: 16 May 2016
When it comes to home furnishings, Germans appear to be comparably big spenders: with average per capita expenditures of €579.1 for furniture and household textiles, Germany comes in at third place, immediately after Switzerland with €718.8 and Austria with €587.5. According to forecasts from our partnering consultancy marketmedia24, turnover in the furniture sector is expected to increase in the coming years!
New trends in home décor suggest that consumers in the German-speaking region will be spending more in the near future. The mega-trends toward sustainability and individuality are showing effects not only in food and apparel retail – new consumer needs will become increasingly visible also in the furniture sector. Mobility, new work, and ecology are just a few of the keywords which might and most likely will change consumer demand.
Looking at the different sales channels, marketmedia24 predicts that stationary retailers will continue to lose turnover to online-retailers even with rising turnover in the market as a whole. Compared to other sectors, online’s share of the furniture market is still relatively low, but this points to enormous potential according to marketmedia24.
The 2016 Furniture Market Report by marketmedia24 contains further data and information about the German furniture market. Regio-Data clients receive a 10% discount off the regular purchase price. Take advantage of the offer by contacting our Account Manager Mrs. Darina-Fencl-Mescic.
„In Europe as a whole, the market potential for household textiles is looking very good thanks to rising consumer confidence in important markets. This is further boosted by changing consumer behavior toward more individuality and variety. However, the challenge for stationary retailers will be to keep the massively growing market shares of online pure players in check.“

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