Mega-Malls in Europe: The UK and Russia

Published: 12 May 2016
The list of the 10 largest shopping malls in Europe (ordered by leasable retail area) is dominated by centers in the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom. The largest mall at this time is Avia Park in Moscow, offering a shopping experience on more than 230,000 m² of gross leasable area (GLA), which has pushed mega mall Belaya Dacha (214,000 m²) from the top position. Avia Park was developed by AMMA Development and was opened in 2014.
Four of the Top 10 shopping centers are located in the United Kingdom. The Trafford Center was opened in 1998 and is the fourth largest shopping center in Europe, with 180,000 m². Shopping centers in the United Kingdom have gained shopper’s favor thanks to longer opening times as compared to the “high street”. Thanks to the typical English weather, the concept of shopping in a closed mall with entertainment options has turned out to be particularly successful.
The Marineda City mall was opened in Spain near the end of the economic crisis in 2011, and is the third largest European shopping center with just under 200,000 m² GLA. Seven of the Top 10 largest European shopping centers by GLA have been opened during the last 15 years, but the trend toward mega malls has slowed down abruptly in recent years.
The Austrian SCS Shopping Mall in Vösendorf near Vienna is still the largest mall in Central Europe and the oldest on the Top 10 list. Together with its neighboring retail park agglomeration, the zone around SCS amounts to much more than 300,000 m² of sales area, making it unique in Central Europe.
In the next 2 years, the largest projects in continental Europe are scheduled in Poland (Posnania Mall, 98,000 m²) and in France (Val Tolosa, 97,000 m²). Looking at the greater European region, the largest new shopping center projects are in the Russian Federation (Salaryevo with 150,000 m², Rio Mytishchi with 135,000 m², and Gagarin/Astra Mall with 135,000 m²), though the currently unfavorable economic conditions could significantly delay their development.

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