Sporting Goods Retail Under Construction

Published: 03 May 2016
Every year, some 2.5 bln € are spent on sporting goods in Austria. However, only 1.5 bln are spent at actual sporting goods retailers, with the rest flowing to other stationary channels (footwear, apparel, food retail), or also online to Amazon and company. Although people are spending more and more each year on sporting goods, stationary retail is stagnating in this sector.
In general, not much had been going on in the Austrian sporting goods market until a few years ago. Eybl was the undisputed market leader, followed by Sport 2000 and Intersport vying for second place, and Hervis at a somewhat distant fourth place. The acquisition of Eybl/Sports Experts by the British changed the sporting goods landscape in Austria. Dramatic drops in turnover (-40%) and outlet closures caused the former market leader to fall to fourth place. The market is now dominated by Intersport and Sport 2000, which are more or less splitting half of the total market turnover. Online currently accounts for “only” 15% of the sporting goods market, but growth rates are strong, and the main beneficiaries of this trend are above all the “pure players” (Amazon, Zalando, etc.). However, stationary retailers are warming up to online sales channels, especially Hervis.
In addition, a certain trend has been increasingly spreading for several years now: more and more running shops, fitness shops, outdoor shops, e-bike shops, and other specialists, as well as mono-label stores (North Face, Salewa, etc.) are springing up. The reason for this is that these product categories and/or brands often feel under-represented in classical sporting goods stores. Eybl’s “downgrade” to sportsdirect.comm has given this trend a further push.

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