Average square meter turnover highest in Switzerland

 According to the latest calculations by RegioData, Switzerland has the highest average square meter turnover in the German-speaking region for all business sectors, with a value of € 5,120.

This is primarily a result of the high purchasing power of the Swiss, as well as the higher prices in Switzerland. In contrast, Germany’s average square meter turnover is only € 3,450. Austria is almost exactly in the middle, with an average square meter turnover of around € 4,100.

Based on the current RegioData sector-specific indices, the average square meter turnover for groceries retail in Austria stands at € 5.824. This puts the food retail sector 42% above the Austrian average – which is still 2% less than in the previous year. The drug store and perfumeries sector is somewhat comparable. Generating € 5,006 per square meter, this sector is also above the Austrian average (22%).

In contrast, the apparel retail sector is performing below-average in Austria, with a square meter turnover 38% lower than the country average, having improved by 1% compared to the previous year. The situation is similar in the DIY sector, for which the average square meter turnover is € 1.648, 60% below the Austrian average.


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