Pets in Austria: loyal and expensive

For many Austrians, a life without their pets seems to be hard to imagine. Austrians spend an average of approx. € 60.5 on pet supplies per capita per year, which is considerably more than they spend for example on books (€ 57.7).

This represents an increase of around € 1.5 compared to the previous year. Expenditures on pet supplies have risen continuously in Austria since 2010, amounting to an increase of € 10 per capita. Austrian pet owners tend to purchase their pet food in regular supermarkets or drug stores, since it is more convenient and the product ranges are very wide. As a result, some 49% of expenditures for pet supplies go to the food retail and drug store sectors, followed by specialized chain-store retailers who capture 45%. The big player among the specialized chain stores is currently Fressnapf, followed by Futterhaus.

Germans spend even more on pet supplies than Austrians do, namely almost € 70 per capita per year. This is also considerably more than one year ago, when this figure was still € 9 less. Expenditures on pet supplies also rose in Italy last year, going from € 51.6 to € 53.5. Although this is somewhat lower than in Austria or Germany, the difference is not as drastic as in Poland, where consumers spend almost four times less on pet supplies. This suggests that pets are not considered to be as important in Poland as they are in some other countries. The situation is similar in Slovakia, where expenditures on pet supplies amount to only around € 18 per capita per year. But pets appear to be much more popular in the neighbouring Czech Republic, where the expenditures are almost as high as in Italy, namely around € 51 per capita per year.


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