More shopping malls for Austria

More shopping malls for Austria

Even though the retail expansion in Austria has slowed down, shopping malls do not seem to be affected by this development.

The shopping centre density in Burgenland is the highest throughout Austria, accounting for 0.82 m2. Nevertheless, Vienna has the highest number of shopping centres. According to RegioData the total shopping mall gross leasable area in 2014 amounted to approximately 2.8 million m2. This number is going to increase even further this year.


The Auhofcenter was reopened in November last year after extension works, with 150 stores and 200 additional parking spots. Also, the City Gate in Vienna opened its doors on February 26th with 54 stores. Additionally, the Vienna Huma retail park started renovation and extension works this February. The construction works are expected to end in 2017; hence it is going to have a retail space of 50.000 m2, with approximately 90 shops.


That however is not the end of the shopping centre expansion in Austria. According to research by RegioData, there are additional projects set for the following years. These include the Perfect Shopping Neusee project with retail space of approximately 21.000 m2 (45 shops) and the Shopping Cen-tre Ried with retail space of roughly 22.000 m2. Parndorf will get another Shopping Centre, with retail space of about 21.000 m2.




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Download this file (0315_RegioData_Dichte_der_Shopping_Mall_EN.jpg)Download chart: Density of Shopping Mall Sales Area Per Capita by Federal States

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