Shopping Malls: Switzerland is tightly packed!

Switzerland has a very high density of shopping malls compared to other European countries: 31 sqm of leasable space per 100inhabitants. If current projects are added on, this figure will increase up to 33 sqm per 100 inhabitants. Higher density can only be found in Scandinavian countries: 76 sqm per 100 inhabitants in Norway, 58 sqm in Sweden, and 43 sqm in Finland.
Switzerland has currently 176 shopping centers with leasable areas of more than 5,000 sqm. The opening of new projects has, however, somewhat slowed down. The last eventful year was 2013, when six centers were opened. The following two years (2014, 2015) saw only one minor reopening. However, three major projects are planned for 2017. One of them, the "Mall of Switzerland", with a leasable area of 46,000 sqm, will rank third among the country´s largest shopping centers.
The "Shoppi Tivoli" in Spreitenbach, remains undisputedly on the first place since 1970, with a leasable area of 78,000 sqm. The shopping center may, however, face serious competition in the near future. A new center - the "Stadion Zürich Hardturm" with the sales area of 60,000 sqm - is to be constructed in Zurich in 2019.
Although "Shoppi Tivoli" is the largest center in Switzerland, it is, surprisingly, not the most lucrative one. The "Glatt" shopping center being only half as large, generates significantly more sales per year. Strikingly, while the shopping center density is very high in the eastern and western cantons, most centers are located in the agglomeration areas of Zurich, with nine shopping centers, and Basel, with a total of seven centers.

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