Purchasing power in Austria: Salzburg back at the top!

Published: 26 July 2016
In the purchasing power ranking of Austria’s federal states, Salzburg has outperformed Lower Austria and taken back first place for the first time in three years! The average Salzburg resident has € 21.378 at their disposal per year, compared to the Austrian average of € 20.646. Carinthia remains in last place with € 19.302.
As a whole, purchasing power grew less in 2015 than it did in 2014: whereas 2014 saw a nominal increase of 2%, in 2015 it was just 1.4%, corresponding to € 277. The lowest increase among all federal states was in Vienna with a nominal plus of 0.2%, but the capital retains its third place in the ranking.
Top positions have also changed at the district level. Vienna’s upscale 19th district has lost its third place position to Mödling, making it the fourth strongest district in Austria in terms of purchasing power. Mödling’s nominal increase of 1.8% in 2015 was higher than Vienna XIX’s of 0.4%, leading to the swap of their positions.
Not surprisingly, the top position is still held by Vienna I. With an absolute purchasing power of € 38.229, Vienna’s central district retains a large lead compared to all other districts. However, it also registered the largest nominal decrease of absolute per capita purchasing power when compared to 2014 – minus 2.4%.
The districts with the lowest purchasing power were able to continue their positive development also in 2015: Vienna XV’s increase was the lowest but positive with 0.2%, while Lienz registered a significant increase of 3.9% over all the city’s districts.

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