Chain Catering: DOUBLING of turnover in 10 years!

Few economic sectors enjoy growth rates as high as those in systems gastronomy. And Austrians apparently like the concepts on offer, ranging from McDonald’s and IKEA restaurants all the way to Starbucks.
Every year, Austrians and visiting tourists spend some 2 billion € for food and drinks in chain outlets. With growth rates of around 10% per year, this segment of the restaurant industry is developing about 3 times as fast as the remaining non-chain-store offerings. The market share of systems gastronomy has already reached about 16%. And strong growth is expected to continue: 45 of 50 surveyed chain restaurateurs indicated that they want to expand their business. Around 150 new outlets are likely to open in addition to the 1,300 already existing restaurants.
McDonald’s holds a truly dominating position in this segment with nearly 200 restaurants and a market share of more than one third. The three next largest systems gastronomers – all of them from the wider food retail sector (Merkur, Interspar, and Lutz restaurants) – control a combined market share of only 15%. In addition, McDonald’s generates very high square meter turnover, outperformed only by the IKEA restaurants.
Around two thirds of chain restaurants are operated by franchisees. This makes systems gastronomy the industry with the highest share of franchises. And here too the rate continues to grow: good and internationally known concepts reduce the risk of failure for franchisees.
Restaurant concepts (McDonald’s, Burger King, Vapiano etc.) and food retail gastronomy (at large grocers and furniture stores) are both developing rapidly. In contrast, coffee house concepts (Segafredo, Starbucks, etc.) and travel gastronomy (Landzeit, Rosenberger, etc.) are growing at a much slower pace.
Definition „systems gastronomy“: a systems gastronomy company is a restaurant chain with al least 5 outlets and operating under a uniform and standardized concept.

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