Foundation of RegioPlan Consulting: DI Wolfgang Richter founds the consulting company RegioPlan Consulting. RegioPlan analyses local market conditions and soon becomes the market leader in this branch.


Calculation of the Purchasing Power Index for Austria: in cooperation with ACNielsen, RegioPlan Consulting develops the product "Purchasing Power Index Austria" which allows for a substantiate assessment of the regional prosperity level based on political districts.


RegioPlan is the first Austrian company to offer a Purchasing Power Index based on municipalities.


For the first time Purchasing Power Indices were calculated for Eastern European markets: for Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


RegioData Research was founded as seperate company: RegioData Research is established as specialist company for data on regional markets and economies in Central and Eastern Europe. Its products focus on regional Purchasing Power Indices (based on both municipalities and postcode areas) as well as on solutions for professional geomarketing.


RegioData and Macon Waghäusel, later GfK Nürnberg, have concluded a distribution agreement about the Software RegioGraph


From May 2006 RegioData also offers Purchasing Power Data for Western Europe and therefore data can be compared for all European countries for the first time.


Retail lists and Consumer Expenditures complete a comprehensive portfolio of regional economic data for Europe. Up to date, distinct and reliable.


RegioData establishes a branch office in Germany. Additionally www.RegioGraph.eu is launched, a website dedicated to the succesful geomarketing software RegioGraph.


The first GEOMARKETING CONGRESS in German-speaking countries was organized by RegioData.


RegioData launches the biggest european Datashop for small-scale economic data.


RegioData launches Austria´s first online fashion portal „FashionData Austria“ under www.fashiondata.eu


The company introduces the new tool frequency potentials to the market

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