Purchasing Power Data - Municipality/Postal Code (Austria)

Purchasing Power Data - Municipality/Postal Code

RegioData Purchasing Power Indices clearly represent the regional prosperity level of a country. Purchasing Power refers to the ability of one person or one household to buy goods, services or rights with a given amount of money within a certain period of time.


Your Benefit

Get a clear view on the deviation of the prosperity level within a country by calculating the market shares and comparing different catchment areas.

Fields of Application

  • Developing of regionalised sales strategies
  • Target group analysis
  • Assessment of market potentials
  • Planning of sales regions and operational areas
  • Determination and assessment of ideal locations (trade, services and industry)
  • Comparison of cities and regions on an international level



  • Edition 2017
  • Date: 2016
  • Delivery form: Excel file via e-mail
  • License for use within a company


Territorial Unit

  • Districts: 116
  • Municipalities: 2,122
  • Postcode areas: 2,218
  • Postal zone: 77


File Structure

  • code of territorial unit
  • name of territorial unit
  • inhabitants
  • households
  • Purchasing power index per inhabitant and per household
  • absolute and retail trade related purchasing power per area, per inhabitant and per household
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