Consumer Expenditures in Spain: the land of bon vivants

Despite being strongly shaken by the economic crisis and still feeling is painful effects (such as high unemployment), it appears many people in Spain still like to treat themselves to something more often than not. In relative terms, they spend considerably more for ‘the finer things in life’ than most other Europeans.
The average Spaniard spends more than €11,000 per year for consumption purposes, of which 15% accounts for food. This is considerably more than in Germany (11.5%) and even more than in Italy. And even within this category Spanish consumers flock to the more expensive items, such as fish, meats, and cheeses. In contrast, relatively little is spend on wine with only around €45 per capita per year, although this is mostly due to the lower local price levels – which can also be said for apparel and footwear.
The Spanish like to splurge a bit on their holidays as well – around € 140 per capita per year are spent on all-inclusive holidays, which is three times as high as in Germany.

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