Online in Poland

The total online turnover (goods only, no services) generated by Polish households currently amounts to some € 8 billion per year. This is very modest compared to Germany with approx. € 50 billion or the United Kingdom with € 65. Even small Switzerland generates more online turnover with around € 8.5 billion. Also online’s share of all purchases in Poland is below the European average, with just around 5%. The online market in Poland is still very far from the peak levels in the United Kingdom (14%) or the levels in Germany and Austria (around 10%).
There is a variety of reasons for this: On the one hand, internet penetration is considerably lower, and on the other, internet sales are generally lower in countries with weaker purchasing power, since consumers prefer to examine goods before buying, especially for larger purchases. Furthermore, the logistics of home delivery are somewhat more complicated in some rural areas than they are in the urban context. In addition, stationary retail space has been extensively expanded in the past several years, eliminating gaps in supply.
When it comes to product groups and online shopping, preferences of Polish households show barely any differences to those of other European countries. In percentage terms, electronics and books are the online leaders, followed by clothing and sporting goods. And like in other countries, the online sales of groceries play barely any role, representing just 1% of the online market.