Food retail in Austria: regional market leaders

The Austrian food retail market is firmly in the hands of three companies: REWE, Spar, and Hofer. Of the € 19.5 billion generated by this market, these three companies and their various distribution chains capture some 16 billion for themselves – with upward tendency.
An interesting picture may be seen at the regional level: whereas Hofer is not the market leader in any single political district, REWE controls the east and south, and Spar the west. There are historical reasons behind this. REWE Austria, a company originally from Vienna, began its expansion primarily in the east. In contrast, Spar’s founding families originated from the west, and the company was able to quickly gain market share in those regions. Since then, REWE has focused on improving its position in the west (which has partly succeeded with its takeover of ADEG), and Spar on improving its position in the east.
Of particular note in this competition of the giants is the regional market position of Tyrolian family company M-Preis. The eye-catching wooden architecture of M-Preis’ outlets can be seen almost everywhere throughout Tyrol and in Innsbruck. The company is the market leader in Innsbruck, the Innsbruck suburbs, Imst, and Landeck.