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Organic foods replacing traditional one

    Organic foods  

European consumers seem to be very well aware of the importance of a healthy diet.

The demand for organic foods has been growing massively for years now.

After the USA, Europe is ranked among the biggest markets for organic products globally.


The Swiss shop abroad – thanks to the Swiss Franc

    Swiss shop  

Germany, Austria, France and Italy are currently a paradise for Swiss bargain hunters. The foreign trade is benefiting immensely from the appreciation of the Swiss Franc since January 15th, 2015. Full shopping carts and people eager to shop can be seen everywhere.

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More shopping malls for Austria

    Shopping malls AT  

Even though the retail expansion in Austria has slowed down, shopping malls do not seem to be affected by this development. The shopping centre density in Burgenland is the highest throughout Austria, accounting for 0.82 m2.

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Shopping Malls in Italy: Pipeline clogged?

    Shopping Malls Italy  

The development activities concerning shopping malls in Europe have risen in the second half of 2013, after a few rather weak years.

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Factory Outlet Centres in Europe – Germany is catching up quickly

FOC Europe

The market for factory outlet centres in Europe is still increasing at a constant rate, despite a relatively high density. In Germany FOCs are booming. Currently there are around eleven FOCs and an additional ten are in the pipeline.

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Retail Expansion in Austria: Caution and Reluctance

    Retail Expansion in Austria  

The number of distribution chains which are planning to expand in Austria this year grew slightly, however the planned locations are clearly limited. The reason for this is the growing popularity of e-commerce as well as the limited availability of great locations.

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European Shopping Center Sypmosium

1 1 1
Europäisches Shopping Center Symposium

Learn more about shopping centers at next year's 17th European Shopping Center Symposium on 26 March 2015 in Vienna!



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